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Strategic Vision and Goals

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TEN: "Striving for financial stability through education"

Strategic Vision of TEN:

To impact the lives of the individuals and families seeking bankruptcy protection by providing educational programs that will enhance self-esteem, teach financial management skills, and enable the debtor to regain control of his/her financial future.

The Ultimate Goal of TEN:

To develop, promote, and establish debtor education programs in every Chapter 13 Trustee Office in the United States.

For the Trusteeship, TEN seeks:

  • To provide a core curriculum ensuring the quality and uniformity of educational programs nationwide.
  • To assist local Chapter 13 Trustees in locating facilities, hiring and/or training instructors, supplying materials, and facilitating data collection.
  • To gather statistical data and to conduct nonpartisan research in order to ascertain the impact of these programs.

For the Chapter 13 Debtors, TEN strives:

  • To provide personal financial management education and credit rehabilitation services.
  • To introduce experts in money management.
  • To provide the guidance and knowledge necessary for successful credit reestablishment after completing a Chapter 13 plan.
  • To instill the self confidence crucial to regaining financial control and ultimately to a successful rehabilitation.

For the Creditor Community, TEN provides:

  • A liaison whereby creditors can become involved in the Chapter 13 process and actively participate in the education program.
  • An increase in the completion of repayment plans improving recoveries to unsecured creditors in Chapter 13 plans.

Future Goals:

  • To develop and promote pre-filing quality programs for all those contemplating bankruptcy.

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